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Fox Body Mustang

From small upgrades to engine swaps and full restorations Our Dream Auto specializes on working on the Ford fox body platform.

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"Ford Performance BOSS 363 Powered LX Rose from the Wreckage"

Author and Photographer: Harris Lue

P.J. Pasierb’s Fox-body story starts like many we’ve heard before. It’s a story of a dream fulfilled, a low-mile

Fox preserved, some heads, a cam and an intake, but this story had one crushing blow that led to an

amazing transformation... Read More

The Foxcast


Anthony McDaniel's '93 GT

Car builds have a way of getting out of control fast. They start with a few mods, and a year later...Read More

"Operation Limitless"

Manir Karim's '84 GT

Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody comes along and blows your mind. This is pretty much what happened

when I met Manir Karim. Although I don't currently own a four eye, I've always wanted to build one. Checking out Manir's

'84 I knew this is exactly how I would want to build one...Read More


Killer 1988 Ford Mustang LX Coupe Reflects Owner’s Passion for Fox-Body Mustangs

Thanks to people like Canton, Georgia’s Kody Smith, the Fox Mustang still runs the streets. “I have always

had a huge passion for Fox-bodies because of my dad,” he says. “He always owned Foxes, and I knew

one day I wanted to own one.” Read More

1993 Mustang LX Triple White Convertible

This ‘93 Mustang LX convertible is in for a five lug swap and engine bay shave along with other general restoration work!